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  • Everything you need. Wherever you need it.
  • Take up to 20 tests in the Practice Centre
  • Test Features: audio mental arithmetic section, questions with tables, graphs and charts. Just like the real test!
  • Check your answers and see which topics you need to work on
  • Select from 20 improvement packs to help you with the things you find tricky
  • All packs include: key information, detailed examples and common mistakes to avoid
  • Plus high-quality, in-depth video tutorials for every topic
  • Sign up today and we'll help you practice, improve and pass your Numeracy Skills Test
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20 tests and 20 improvement packs for just £19.99

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Practice Centre

Practice Centre on laptop

Our comprehensive practice centre contains 20 tests, each painstakingly designed to mimic the real thing, with features including:

  • An audio mental arithmetic section
  • Multiple answer formats
  • Timed questions

These tests will allow you to get familiar with the nature and content of the test so you are 100% confident when you come to take the real thing.

Performance diagnostics

Example Question on iPad

Each test comes with an enhanced mark scheme which allows you to:

  • Analyse how close you are to getting each question correct within the required time frame
  • See exactly when you are Ready to take the real thing
  • Identify those topics which you need to work on to improve your score

In addition, you can record your answers and track your performance over time using our handy printable rubrics. Numeracy Ready has a built in 'buffer' to ensure you have the maximum chance of success when you come to take the real thing.

Improvement Centre

Improvement Centre on laptop

Our friendly improvement centre will give you access to 20 powerful Improvement Packs, each of which includes:

  • A key subject knowledge fact sheet, written using accessible and friendly language, with helpful diagrams and graphs
  • A list of the common mistakes that people make which can cost you valuable marks
  • Expert video tutorials that show you exactly how to tackle questions with speed and accuracy

Our content is of the highest quality. It has been crafted by a passionate and dedicated team of award-winning, Advanced Skills maths Teachers and Lecturers in Education, to ensure that you are learning the right kinds of maths in a secure way.

Stunning experience

Mobile device support

We are committed to providing a learning experience that is enjoyable as well as rigorous. And so we've gone the extra mile in the following ways:

  • Numeracy Ready has been designed to work super smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices, so you can practice wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • You can access everything online with just one login. This means no downloads, no extra charges, and no hunting around for the content you need to learn.

Everyone we have worked with has really benefited from Numeracy Ready. We think you will too. Sign up today for 3 months access, and get ready to practice, improve and pass.

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20 tests and 20 improvement packs for just £19.99